Sunday, February 22, 2009

time to join the fray

read my blog...see my to my blog...everyone seems to have something to say, so why not me?

I'm an engineer, so I see things through a different, and usually practical, light. when I was in college, I shunned classes that required term papers...but in grad school I somehow took to them. I guess it was the time of my life to explore. I found I could write, express my ideas, and get them across...hopefully in a humorous way (two greatest influences: Mrs. Huber in high school, and PJ O'Rourke). I know that isn't usual for engineers, and found myself spending lots of time proof-reading documents at work, condensing and linking ideas in a way that made them intelligible, entertaining, and easier to read.

I find many coincidences across my life...the simple visit to a store will recall stories and events from many years ago, so I can't just write about buying a shirt, but must somehow link it to a previous shopping trauma. current events are related to historical events, and I'm sure future events will intertwine with them as well.

so here goes...

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